Top 8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Might Save the Economy

Written by Kyle Trottier

With today’s gloomy markets, no ray of light produces more hope than getting back to the basics with Entrepreneurship. From the very foundation of our history, Entrepreneurs have been at the source of building some of the largest forms of wealth the world has ever seen. Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin (America’s first genius) boasted many times throughout his life on the power of the “Self Made Man” and Entrepreneurship. Many pioneers in the world of business come to mind when thinking about Successful Entrepreneurs: Edison, Ford, McDonald’s, Flagler and many others. All whom started their legacy by the beginning stroke of a pen and a business plan. Here at, we are trying to re-ignite that entrepreneurial spirit in the light of hard-times, much like the Business community did during the Great Depression. Let’s not forget that behind every successful Entrepreneur is a BusinessPartner and Investor that believes in the Spirit of Business and its resulting product. Today technology is King and we need Entrepreneurs more than ever to help develop the integration of this new technology system within our lives through inventions that may inspire revolution.

Below you will find the Top Ten reasons why Entrepreneurs will again pull us out of the mud.

1. Entrepreneurs will Help Decrease National Debt: For many Young Entrepreneurs, College tuition is sky-rocketing. Why go into $100,000 of debt when you can use that money to start your own business instead?  Peter Thiel — a self-made billionaire with two degrees, who says faulty thinking has led the public to believe everyone needs to go to college even if they can’t afford it. (LINK) “By no means are we telling all college students that they should drop out. But we do encourage all of those students on the threshold to think hard about theirchoices,” Michael Gibson, VP of grants for the Thiel Foundation, said in a commentary on “ If going to college requires taking on tens of
thousands of dollars in debt, we advise you to learn a set of skills to pay it off. And above all, don’t go into debt if you can avoid it.”Instead, these young people with ideas can bypass the “College Industry” and avoid college debt.

2. Creating Jobs At Home: Yes, that’s right. Hard to believe… Startup businesses might actually help create jobs. Smart Entrepreneurs will naturally flock to the areas of the country where taxes are business friendly and the environment allows for strong growth. As a result, your business will grow right along with your employees. At we are interested in helping these brave Entrepreneurs in their goals and ultimately to help stimulate the economy.

3.  Inspiring Innovators: Entrepreneurs are natural innovators. The spirit of invention are born with this breed on a daily basis. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, sparked an internet revolution and changed how the whole world interacts. Just imagine how many new inventions were created as a result of Facebook.

4. New Business Creates Vibrant Communities: A Business must have their headquarters setup in a desirable city. Ultimately, this will produce more restaurants, jobs, city services and the list keeps adding up in that city of interest. A higher standard of living is created and so begins innovation.

5. Teaches Fiscal Responsiblity: There is no better way to learn how to balance a budget than by balancing your own business. This increased influence of Basic economics in our economy would influence our children and political leaders for the better. Teaching society basic personal accountability for their economic decisions.

6. Will Help Lower the cost of College Education: The bubble in higher education is still inflating and still frightening. The cost of college has gone up 439 percent since 1982, and the quality of learning has stagnated. (LINK) The less young people rely on the theory that College is a stepping stone to success over Entrepreneurship, you can bet the more tuition will drop. The demand for a college education designed toward the masses will decrease in regards to attendance and price. Thus the quality of education goes up and the tuition spikes are corrected.

7. Will Transform A Nation of Consumers Back To A Nation of Producers: The concept of producing our own products and services comes from the very foundation of Entrepreneurship. We have shipped alot of our great companies over to other countries to produce products cheaply. By the new Entrepreneur Revolution we can regain some of those lost jobs.

8. Create a Higher quality of Life: If you’ve ever been through a stagnant economy, you know it’s not very pleasant. In fact, it’s quite miserable. What you will find in common with these type of faltering economies is a lack of growth and innovation. BusinessPartners, Inventors, Investors and many more come together to ultimately create a higher quality of life through mutually beneficial relationships. Building a business that lasts will most certainly help even your fellow neighbor.


We have seen take off as a result of our current economic difficulties in the last couple years. This is a direct result of people becoming once again inspired to pave the way for their own future, and of course, it’s based on Entrepreneurship. We are excited to be able to provide such a great platform for Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Investors and Startups to meet and share ideas. If you havent already, stop by today and become a member for free and help rebuild your community.


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