The Rise of Teen Entrepreneurs

August 30, 2012 (LINK)

Please don’t tell Daniel Brusilovsky his business idea is cute. “If I wanted to be cute, I wouldn’t be sitting in your office, taking a cab from the train station,” Brusilovsky says. “I am real. I have an idea that’s truly unique and potentially something big.”

That something big was an idea for connecting teenage entrepreneurs to mentors through a business and tech incubator — one that Brusilovsky, an 18-year-old from San Mateo, Calif., is putting into action through the Teens in Tech Labs Incubator. The company started as a social networkfor young media producers, an online-based way for technical entrepreneurs to connect with one another. It eventually turned into a one-day conference. “That was just a one-day event,” Brusilovsky says. “Imagine if we had more than one day to build entrepreneurship. And that’s where the idea of the incubator came from.”

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Top 8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Might Save the Economy

Written by Kyle Trottier

With today’s gloomy markets, no ray of light produces more hope than getting back to the basics with Entrepreneurship. From the very foundation of our history, Entrepreneurs have been at the source of building some of the largest forms of wealth the world has ever seen. Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin (America’s first genius) boasted many times throughout his life on the power of the “Self Made Man” and Entrepreneurship. Many pioneers in the world of business come to mind when thinking about Successful Entrepreneurs: Edison, Ford, McDonald’s, Flagler and many others. All whom started their legacy by the beginning stroke of a pen and a business plan. Here at, we are trying to re-ignite that entrepreneurial spirit in the light of hard-times, much like the Business community did during the Great Depression. Let’s not forget that behind every successful Entrepreneur is a BusinessPartner and Investor that believes in the Spirit of Business and its resulting product. Today technology is King and we need Entrepreneurs more than ever to help develop the integration of this new technology system within our lives through inventions that may inspire revolution.

Below you will find the Top Ten reasons why Entrepreneurs will again pull us out of the mud.

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Entrepreneurs: In It For The Long Haul

Being an entrepreneur is sort of like being a marathon runner.

Marathons are races of endurance characterized by hard training, eating every carb within a 300-ft radius, and most importantly, believing in your abilities. As a runner, you prepare for the long-haul, and ultimately, the voice inside your head is the only thing that’s going to get your wobbly legs across the finish line. You put in the hard work and suffer cramps and blisters because you really enjoy the rush of the race and the sense of accomplishment (we’ve all seen those 26.2 stickers on the back of SUV’s and soccer-mom vans alike) that comes with finishing something so daunting to the average, couch-inhabiting human being

While building a company from the ground up, you’ll endure coffee-fueled, seemingly endless days of work; you’ll voraciously consume every book and blog that you can find on the industry and possible competitors; and most importantly, you’ll believe in your vision–and yourself. As an entrepreneur, you’ll probably face rejection–lots of it. You may face funding difficulties, team issues, product failures, and legal barriers; but it won’t stop you. You’ll keep a positive mindset, and the voice inside your head will push you to keep going.  You’re an entrepreneur because you love the rush that you get from doing what you’re passionate about. Each small success of your company gives you a sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment.

If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, be prepared for the hard work and lessons in endurance that you’ll surely face. But never be afraid to strap on your sneakers and start running.

Small Business Tips: Managing Your Time Effectively

Five Secrets to Running A Successful Small Business

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Most of experience some kind of fear–whether it be caused by the future or present, action or inaction, change or being stuck in an unfulfilling job for the rest of our lives. The most apparent arena for our fear to manifest is in our businesses and in our career decisions. It is here that many of us stay frozen, paralyzed by fear. In an economy characterized by unemployed, capable workers and stagnant small businesses, many of us haven’t felt inspired to quit our day jobs and start the company of of our dreams. Our dreams stay dreams, and our reality remains the same.

Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media, implores us to break free from fear and to pursue our dreams rigorously. His message is greater than a hackneyed piece of business advice; it is a call to action, and it is his hope to inspire all of us to start experiencing our lives while we still have the opportunity to do so.

Lazerow was born with a serious heart-defect, and he has faced two brushes with death during his lifetime. The first was at only 18 months, and the second at 19 years old. Lazerow’s experience dealing with the eminent possibility of his death has led him to live a life without fear.

This fearlessness has carried over into all aspects of his life, not barring his business decisions. Lazerow has already started four successful businesses and describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur.” His success has even earned him the title of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in the New York region for 2011.But perhaps his greatest success was the recent acquisition of his company, Buddy Media, by for an unbelievable $689 million.

Lazerow’s story should inspire all of us to take chances that we’ve been too afraid to even consider, whether they be changing positions, changing careers, or even creating our own businesses.

“If you live without fear, anything is possible,” Lazerow states in a recent youtube video he created after the sale of his company, “Is fear holding you back?”

5 Key Steps to Success For The Entrepreneur

Here are 5 crucial steps to enjoying both tangible and intangible success as an entrepreneur…

1-Visualize your success. “Visualize this thing you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin to build.” -Robert Collier.  A good idea is not enough to start a business. It is important to determine what success means to you and to visualize the road leading there. Perfect your vision.

2-Have a plan. “Vision without execution is hallucination.”-Thomas Edison. Planning ahead can help you overcome the difficulties that may arise in the future.  Your overall business plan must include what your product/idea is, how it is different from your competitors, your target market, and anticipated profits. Hammer out a specific list of goals, and determine the strategies you will implement to reach each goal. Form your team wisely.

3-Get to know your customer. “In business, you get what you want by giving other people what they want.” -Alice MacDougall. Know your customer. Understanding your customer’s needs thoroughly is the only way for your business to fulfill those needs. Remaining in-tune with your customers is the only way to remain profitable in the long-run.

4-Manage your money.  “Money is like a sixth sense – and you can’t make use of the other five without it.” – William Somerset Maugham. Money is spent on rent, inventory, marketing, services–it will seem to disappear. Every business needs cash flow to stay afloat, so be smart with expenditures. If you’re no good with numbers, add a mathlete to your team, or hire an outside professional.

5-Persevere. “Patience is a virtue” –Proverb. Every business idea needs time to develop and obtain results. Be confident that with the right tools, and sincere, long-term effort,  your business will become profitable start-up.