Top 5 Steps to Create a Popular Groups Page

If you’re thinking of starting a new BusinessPartners group or already have an existing group, you could benefit from these pointers to help increase your group’s popularity and immediately begin to attract new members.

1.                  Choose a Catchy Name for your Group  Page

Make sure to select a unique and fun name for your group that will catch people’s attention, a name that accurately reflects the purpose of the group.

2.                  Upload a Profile Image.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Include a profile picture. People tend to click and trust profiles that include an image.

3.                  Select the Right Industry & Use Key Words to Describe Your Group

Make sure you categorize your group under the right “Industry”, for example, Finance, Construction, Law, etc. Also, use key words that represent the essence of your group. Our search engine identifies these keywords and matches that profile with potential partners with similar interests.

4.                  Include a Link to Your Business’s Website

As an additional resource, add a link to your company’s website in your group page. This provides your members additional information on your business and it instantly gives your group credibility. Also, remember to stimulate activity on the group wall by asking questions and continuously supplying fresh content. You want to make sure members keep returning and posting within your group.

5.                  Target Your Members

Search for members with shared interests and who have a large number of business partners. Send them personal invitations introducing your group and explaining the benefits of joining. Having these people as members will help your group page gain popularity.

Following these few steps will help grow your group and accomplish your goals.

And remember, we are awarding a $1000 prize to the group creator with the most members.                                                                                                                                                          A group must have 15 members or more. Offer valid from 09/12/2012 to 10/15/2012. Good Luck!                                                                                                 


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